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Mutton Haleem

Mutton Haleem

Nawabi Delight : Thick paste of meat, barley and wheat with a blend of spices

Tasty, Healthy, Very Tasty, Beautifully Tasty!
Great Breakfast and Crazy Tasty, Filling food that satieties your heart with Taste. No matter what reason you may look for… we’re going crazy with it’s mind numbing taste !! Enjoy Authentic Hyderabadi Haleem as a healthy Breakfast or a filling snack – round the year.

Ingredients : Garlic paste, Chicken / Mutton stock, Ginger paste, Ghee, Black pepper, Tomato paste, Salt, Onion , Green chilies, Red Chili, Wheat.

Consumption Instructions
Gas Stove

  • Empty the contents of the pouch into a bowl, add 2-3 spoons of water and heat for 3-4 minutes. Empty contents of the bowl into a dish. Garnish and serve.

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  • Dip the sealed pouch into boiling water for 3-4 minutes. Remove the pouch out of the boiling water. Cut open the pouch and empty its contents into a dish. Garnish and serve.

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  • Empty contents of the pouch into a microwaveable bowl, add 1-2 spoons of water and heat for 1 minute. Empty contents of the microwaveable bowl into a serving dish. Garnish and serve.

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Note : Our products can be consumed right out of the pack.

Technical Details

  • We use proprietary technology of Defence Food Research Laboratories which is a part of DRDO, Ministry of Defence, Government of India. This same technology used to supply the India Army located at far flung areas at extreme temperatures.
  • Food is heated at high temperatures and then cooled rapidly to kill all microorganisms. It is seal packed in a 4 layer retort pack.

Storage Conditions

  • It is safe to store our food at room temperature. Store in clean, cool, dry place away from Sunlight.
  • Do not consume if the inner pack is found to be leaking or bloated. Consume immediately after opening.

Return & refund Policy
Product to be returned and replaced in case it reaches the client in damaged condition. Company follows a no refund policy.

Shipping Info.

  • Delivery time is location dependent.
  • Cost of Delivery to be borne by customer - to be paid to courier service at time of receipt.


Brand Name Al-Barkat
1 Pack serve 2-3 person
Suggested Heating time 2-3 min
Features Hygienically packed & Healthy
Net Wt. 250 g
Type Ready to eat food

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